'Stachios, also known as Mustache Coins or Mustache Points, are an item appearing in Goomsday Wii. They can only be collected by Waluigi.


'Stachios are required to complete the game, since they are used to give Waluigi the Mega Mustache.


'Stachios resemble coins with a picture of a mustache on them. The regular-sized coins (with a likeness of Mario's mustache) are worth 10 'Stachios, while the Huge Coins (with a likeness of Wario's mustache) are worth 100.


'Stachios come from three main sources:

  • 'Stachios are earned after navigating through a puzzle-like part of a stage.
  • Defeated bosses drop a few Big 'Stachios and several Regular 'Stachios. The number of Big 'Stachios is determined by how difficult the boss was and/or how long it took to kill them.
  • 'Stachios are downloadable via wi-fi connection, at 50 cents per 'Stachio coin(regular) and 1 dollar per Big 'Stachio.

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