Map of "The Game"

The Game is the main setting of the Game Freak and the HACKED series of video games. While the game does have a name (as a case appears, though the name is covered), it is never mentioned or seen in-game, and is always mentioned as "The Game".

As a location, The Game is a country of monarchy, originally ruled over by a man named King Pokert Ballson (or King B). While he appeared in the predecessor series as a minor character, he is never seen, nor mentioned, in the new one as he has been killed and succeeded by HAX.

Because of it's monarchy-based government, the country was an open, medieval-esque country, drawing many similarities to the fictional kingdom of Hyrule from the Legend of Zelda series. However, since HAX took over, the kingdom fell into disrepair, become an overpopulated, grungy, polluted dystopia with many factories polluting the air. How this modernization happened so quickly is unknown, though HAX could have simply re-wrote the code to change this.

The Game is called by many citizens the "Hub of Gaming", as many video game characters would vacation here as a chance to escape their own catastrophes. When HAX took over, he sealed the gates before any of the police/military forces from other games could come help the population, trapping many characters inside the game. Because of this, there are various references to various other franchises within the HACKED series.

General information


The Game accepts currency from many different video games (Rupees, coins and PokéDollars are shown to be used by NPC's), though does have it's own currency known as "Bit". Bits are common, and equal roughly the same as a single Canadian dollar.

"Bits" appear as flat, digital squares that are coloured differently to match the different prices. Below is a chart to map out the bits and their colours.

Colour Value
Blue Bit 1 $0.96 CAD / $0.90 USD / £0.54
Red Bit 5 $4.80 CAD / $4.50 USD / £2.72
Green Bit 10 $9.60 CAD / $9 USD / £5.45
Purple Bit 20 $19.20 CAD / $18 USD / £10.89
Yellow Bit 50 $48 CAD / $45.01 USD / £27.24
Orange Bit 100 $96 CAD / $90.02 USD / £54.47


The capital of "The Game" is a small town named "Binary Bay", which is where the royal castle of King B is located. Surrounding the city were fields of flowers and plants, as well as the ocean, as Binary Bay was originally a large export centre.

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