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Steve is Mario in the Erased Memories series. He marries Roll in the third game. He does not look like Mario. He wears a black shirt, brown pants, and shaved off his mustache. He is part of the Sharks and defeated Ness and Browser. He was the only hero that didn't get married in the first and second game.

"Steve 2.0?"

Rock and Roll

Roll and "Steve"

He dies when landing on the Megaman world in the third game, but Dr. Light rebuilds him, more powerful and still has his "memory". Roll falls in love with "Steve 2.0" and marries him.

Fantendo Smash Bros. DS

In the game, "Steve" is an unlockable character. He still has his "memory" (Or rather, what he has left of it) and has a bit of a redesigned appearance.
Steve FSB

== Remake== Obviously, "Steve" is playable in the upcoming Erased Memories (remake). Like in FSB DS, he has his minorly redesigned appearance and sometimes has flashbacks of his past life as a hero in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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