'"Balls" Game Studios'
"Balls" Game Studios logo
"Balls" logo
Type of Company Interactive entertainment
Video game developer
Private company
Founder(s) Michael Wildshil
Founded at/in 2013
Headquarters San Jose
Culver City
Redwood City
Area(s) Served International
Owner(s) Michael Wildshill
No. of Employee(s) Almost million (in fandom)

Few (in reality)

Predecessor SIZ (New Zealand)
LO Studios (Salt Lake)
Parent Company Cubonk Shill Entertainment
Subsidiaries List of studios owned by "Balls"

"Balls", Inc. (sometimes called Balls and "Balls" Game Studios), is an American-Finnish video game developer and publisher founded in 2012. The company is located in Culver City, California.

Development Studios

"Balls", Inc. owns a few development subsidiaries.

  • Trampo-Awesome Nova Scotia
  • Trampo-Awesome Salt Lake
  • "Balls" Casual Productions

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